Sanitizer Dispenser Options


  • 1 stand and touchless dispenser
  • 1,200ml plastic refillable container
  • 1 gallon clean freak hand sanitizer refill
  • Quantity of 4: C cell batteries 
  • Tray included to catch any spills
  • Lockable with window design in back 
  • Size: 11.4" x 12" x 48

Only $165.00 for everything listed above! 
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  • Holds 5 gallon refill in the back compartment
  • Capable of 6,000 dispenses per unit 
  • High quality, stainless steel, easy clean-up station
  • Removable tray to pick up any sanitizer spills
  • Door in the back for security purposes with a key lock
  • Plug in back to charge unit and will remain charged without being plugged in for up to 12,000 dispenses

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