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Triplett Companies’ Wellness Barriers are a great solution to everyone's well-being. 
Triplett cares about your well-being and staying healthy during this critical time. If you’re in need of a way to protect yourself, employees and customers as you head back into the workplace, we encourage you to enforce social distancing with one of our many standard and customizable barriers. We can provide you with custom solutions that fit your needs.

Wellness Barrier Options


Product: Designed for your desk, counter or table area with its stand-up base

Material: Clear Acrylic Panel

Dimensions: 23.75"h x 31.75"w, with a 4"h x 9"w access hole at the base

Email for more options: cs@tripletts.com


Product: Desktop Protective Screen. Safely separate desks and workstations

Material: Available in clear or frosted plastic. Frame is clear anodized aluminum 

Dimensions: 24"h x 29"w or 59"w (Two width options available)

Email for more options: cs@tripletts.com


Product: A hassle-free escape from the chaos. Easily reconfigurable design 

Material: Standard finishes: Charcoal PET or Marble PET. PET made from recycled content

Dimensions: 15"h x 63.25"w

Email for more options: cs@tripletts.com


Product: Tie privacy to any workstation. Designed for 28"-30"h work surfaces 

Material: Aluminum interlocking modular frame: Available in 3 standard finishes. Multiple standard panel finishes are available

Dimensions: 53'h x 52"w. Desk panel extends 23" onto the work surface

Email for more options: cs@tripletts.com


Product: Clear Mobile Divider. Mobile Partition

Material: Clear plastic, clear glass, or clear glass with a cut-out for temperature evaluation. Frame: clear anodized aluminum

Dimensions: 74-3/16"h x 38-1/2"w

Email for more options: cs@tripletts.com


Product: Safeguard your team by extending the height of existing cubicles with screens mounted on top of panels

Material: Available in frosted acrylic and clear plexiglass. Multiple PET colors are available for panels

Dimensions: Custom sizes available. Height: 14" or 24". 

Email for more options: cs@tripletts.com